MakMay brand for over ten years. And every year in its history - it is the successful creation of flawlessly delicious domestic product. TM MakMay produces ketchup, mustard, tomato sauces, canned beans. But a special place in the product range of our products takes mayonnaise.

There is no doubt that mayonnaise is one of the most famous in the world of sauces. And in Ukraine, also one of the favorite. Since 2002, MakMay gives you a wonderful taste of the classic mayonnaise "Provencal", created in the best traditions of French sauces. In 2010, following the culinary tastes and preferences of the Ukrainian people, the master TM MakMay created for you a unique product - a 100% natural mayonnaise. This mayonnaise has an unrivaled recipe and still is an innovative product in the market of Ukraine.

Today, every fifth Ukrainian hostess for family dining table chooses mayonnaise TM MakMay. Want to know why? Yes, because it has collected all the best and nothing more!

Superfluous - it starches, preservatives, stabilizers, E-additives and GMOs , which you will never find in real mayonnaise TM MakMay.


Create unique, high quality, natural, environmentally friendly products at the best French recipes and in the best traditions of Ukrainian cuisine.


CONSUMER CONFIDENCE UKRAINIAN that is worthy of the best quality food.

Professional responsibility for their production and conformity of production quality standards.

Innovations in production and recipes that will improve the quality of traditional products and realize the unique recipes.

A team of specialists whose skills and expertise have enabled the company to produce high quality products and to take a leading position in the industry.