Novelty in the line of TM “Makmay” natural beans - Beans with vegetables in tomato sauce

A real godsend – “Beans with vegetables in tomato sauce”, will help to reduce the time of cooking and extend your summer menu! Selective large premium sugar beans “Bandolya” perfectly matches with tomato sauce of red juicy ripe tomatoes. Bouquet of spices gives a gentle soft taste to each grain. Carrots and onions, red and green pepper emphasize summer touch of your dishes.

“Beans with...

Summer with Lecho from TM “Makmay”

What summer without a tasty and healthy vegetables is? In the hot high summer season TM “Makmay” have prepared a vegetable surprise - a beloved and unforgettable sauce “Lecho”.  To cook the sauce “Lecho” we took juicy tomatoes, fleshy sweet red and green peppers, tasty carrots, fragrant parsley, and of course the onion and garlic. Sauce “Lecho” is spoonable or used as a spicy addition to...

Tomato paste “Domashnya” of TM “Makmay” was awarded an honorary quality mark by independent testing.

Tomato paste “Domashnya” of TM “Makmay” got an “excellent” mark in evaluation, conducted by Research Center of Independent Consumer Expertise ”Test”, which took place in March 2014. Testing is conducted for the consumers so they could realize their right to get an independent and reliable information about the real quality of goods and services.

13 brands of tomato paste took part in...

New! Natural ketchup “Gostryi Chili” - especially delicious, especially hot and 100% natural.

TM “Makmay” expands the product line of Natural ketchups, for those who care about their health and cannot refuse to eat some hot food - represent 100% natural ketchup “Gostryi Chili”. This ketchup is really hot - natural capsicum extract in combination with a pleasant sweet taste of juicy tomatoes, bring real fire and passion to your meals!

Like the rest of TM “Makmay” natural ketchups...

“Professional” series of TM “Makmay” is a true professional for professionals!

The “Prime-product” company expands the range of the “Makmay” brand and creates a Professional line, designed specifically for the HoReCa segment.

It's no secret that there are specific requirements for consistency, adaptability and maintaining consumer characteristics for  the foodservice products, both during cooking and storage and during transportation.  Based on the...

Everything ahead!

The second season of SmakMaster finished, however, thare is no reason to lose heart! After all, there is still so much to say! 

We'll keep you informed of the latest events in the world of cooking, uncover the secrets of dishes from our chef Dilip Mudras, as well as, we'll show how our finalists relax!

Ladies! Happy 8 of March!

Let this day, bring your men served, and still to be done to help a bunch of a bunch of useful things for you and for your sake! 

After all, just because of you, dear women, we men see in this life bright colors and lives with you the good days! ;)


On February 23 we traditionally celebrate the Day of theDefender of the Motherland, one of the most important holidays in our calendar. This is not just a day honoring soldiers and fighters who were protecting the country during the war - it's a significant date has become a kind of unofficial "day of all men." :)